You don´t need to search anymore for the best solution for your Agile Release Train
Meet the brand new PIP: A brazilian simple and intuitive solution to organize and execute PI Plannings.
PIP is a software that provides the best possible experience to organizations and teams working on a PI Planning in real time.
Supports english and portuguese. Spanish soon.
Better usability with real time refreshed screen information
PIP highlights

Area to fill briefing information and other key resources of the PI Planning

100% SAFe 5 aligned

Ready for remote and/or distributed planning

Top Features

Briefing area
Briefing area fully customizable. You can include Executive Briefings, Product Briefings, Architectural briefing, and facilitation information like ART/Team list, schedules, future events milestones, and so on.

ROAM Board
ROAM Board for risk management

Iteration Board
Iteration Boards with capacity/velocity automatic load calculation

Team Risk Board
Team risk assignment

Program Board
Program Board with Features, Enablers, Milestones and dependencies presented in a visual and interactive way

Excel Export
Excel exportation with Program Board details

Plans Prices and Conditions
Yearly option
Sob Consulta
by Team / by Year

- Unlimited users per Team

- Multiple PI Planning support

- E-mail remote support with response time up to 24 hours

by PI Planning option
Sob Consulta
by Team / by PI Planning execution

- Unlimited users per Team

- Limited to one PI Planning

- E-mail remote support with response time up to 24 hours

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